Registration Submit data

You have been supplied with some information and your registration details by the renal unit, please make sure you have read and understood this and the other information on this website before you register.

  • Enter your user ID and single use password
  • Click on 'I understand about the project and wish to take part'
  • Make a note of your PIN
You are then ready to begin submitting data.

Visit the submit data page as often as possible, ideally daily.

We recommend that you bookmark the submit data page for future use.

  • Enter your username and PIN
  • Mark each of the 6 scales to reflect how you are feeling today
  • Once completed press the submit data button
  • You will be prompted to complete any missing data
  • Once submitted a confirmation message will appear
  • There is no need to log out

Remember to come back as often as possible, ideally daily.

Forgotten username or PIN

If you gave an email address at the time of collecting your user ID click
'Forgot your details'.

  • This will open up an email to the site administrator
  • Fill in your name and press send
  • You will be sent an email reminder as soon as possible
Alternatively you can ask on the renal unit to be sent a reminder.